Art Therapy

Art Therapy taps into our internal images that hold keys of understanding about who we are and what we believe. It is through the creative process that we can discover things that are hidden emotionally and not easily accessible through words. 

As a client gains awareness through creating art, new insights are uncovered about self, relationships, and beliefs. Creating any form of art helps with the healing process by allowing a place for emotions and feelings to be released. Making the 
invisible visible is a major function of the art in art therapy.

Creating art engages both the right and left hemispheres of 
the brain, encouraging integration of feeling, cognition, and 
sensation which helps create new understandings. Art opens 
windows and doors into our psyche. 

As an art therapist, I actively practice my own creative 
self-expression by beading, photography, and gardening. 
Andy also by hanging out with Bunny, the Art Therapy dog. 
Bunny is a sweet addition to my counseling practice; he has
and innate way of connecting with clients.

My office includes a dedicated room to Art Therapy with a 
variety of mediums to explore, including Sand Tray.  All materials are provided, and no training or skill is needed to creatively journey into you.   
Art Therapy is a profession regulated by the American Art Therapy Association (AATA) and credentialed by the ATCB (Art Therapy Credentials Board).

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."            Pablo Picasso

Follow the Path to Your Heart
Photo by Debra Thompson
Bunny, The Art Therapy Dog
“Words cannot express what a blessing Debra has been to me, my husband, and my family. Having Debra's calm and soothing voice to help guide me through one of my life crisis was a God send… I am grateful spirit led me to her!”
Bernice, Espanola, NM